Thetford Academy

Brand development for Thetford Academy, Vermont’s oldest secondary school

Everyone who attends Thetford Academy calls it TA. Our first step was to capitalize on that with a secondary TA mark, complete with a badge highlighting the school’s values.

As TA is a semi-private independent school, the annual course catalog doubles as an overview brochure. Touching on TA’s history and unique annual events, the catalog provides a 360-degree look at the school, including internship opportunities, clubs, and athletics.

The website redesign balances information and interaction. Google calendars for each sport that visitors can synch to their mobile devices. We also created and redesigned multiple mailing list templates and implemented a strong focus on giving, including a new giving section that synchs to a pre-existing donor database.

An updated identity package for Thetford Athletics focuses on the school’s historic unique varsity letter. In addition, to a series of panther mascots, new social media templates for game announcements, final scores, and other fan-based updates keep the TA community up-to-date on sporting events.

To bridge existing gaps in photography, I coordinated and art directed a full-day shoot across the school, with a focus on students’ activities throughout the day.

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